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Whether you are visiting for hunting, a family reunion or corporate board meeting, your visit can be customized to suit your interests. You can choose to take full advantage of your time on the ranch and explore: try out or practice shooting sports, add a little adrenaline on an ATV or Ranger tour of the backcountry, take a cooking class, go for a trail ride, catch some fish, relax with a massage, or just unwind and read a good book on the deck.  Sweetgrass has options for all at various experience levels.

Trail Rides

The ranch offers hundreds of miles of trails throughout 4,000 plus acres of timbered hill country and canyon lands. Because the horse does not disturb wildlife the way an ATV or Ranger does, you are very likely to see multiple species of wildlife including deer and elk - usually with their summer fawns and calves, turkeys, badgers, and the occasional coyote. 

Archery Ranges

Sweetgrass Ranch offers archery activities upon request. The ranch has an Archery Flat Range that offers shots as long as 80 yards, and also a 3 Dimensional Target Archery Walking Course. The 3D Walking Course gives participants the opportunity to move over hilly terrain with their bow and arrows and engage multiple 3D animal targets in realistic settings. Targets include badgers, mountain lions, turkeys, whitetail and mule deer, elk, and coyotes - all animals found on the ranch.


For those who are not experienced archers, training by skilled instructors can be provided as desired. Training compound bows and arrows are provided, or participants may use their own equipment if they like.

Sporting Clays

Sweetgrass Ranch has a superb Sporting Clays facilities including a beautiful Sporting Clays Course consisting of 10 stations with 50 Promatic target throwers, and a Five Stand with six throwers. Because of the diverse and varied terrain, and the large number of target throwers, virtually every conceivable target presentation challenges shooters of all ability levels. 

Gun Range

Sweetgrass Ranch has a full suite of short and medium range rifle and pistol ranges to provide a wide variety of shooting experiences in multiple disciplines on world class facilities. The ranch has a 25 yard pistol range with target frames for cardboard and paper targets, and multiple sets of steel targetry including plate racks and dueling trees.


The Rifle Zero and 3 Gun Range offers shots out to 275 yards, and excellent facilities and terrain for both bench rest shooting and 3 Gun Shoots where the participant shoots at intermediate ranges with a rifle or carbine, and shoots at shorter range targets with a pistol or shotgun. The range includes covered, permanent firing points for rifle zero and longer range shooting.


The range complex also offers handgun and iron sight rifle Metallic Silhouette ranges with standard steel targetry.


On request, Sweetgrass Ranch can provide a variety of tactical training courses using both rifle and pistol.

ATV/Ranger Tours

Sweetgrass Ranch offers literally hundreds of miles of trails and dirt roads throughout its 4,000 plus acres of timbered hill country and canyon lands. To access this spectacular back country, the ranch maintains a fleet of Honda Rancher All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) that are available for guest use. Tours are guided for the safety of the guests.

Culinary Adventures

Seasonal classes are designed and customized for the guests. From cooking to canning to homesteading experiences, we will curate an experience that's personalized for you!

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