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Sweetgrass Ranch

The ranch is comprised of many Western curated venues and destinations.

See below for more information and photos of the amenities. 

The Lodge is a 7,800 sq ft house overlooking a pond. It is typically utilized for group welcome receptions and has an 1800s era antique whiskey bar, western artifact and art collection, a cozy fireplace, movie theater, gym, and vast deck overlooking a pond. 

The Covey Conference Center is currently under construction with completion estimated in July of 2023. A state-of-the-art meeting room can be used for board meetings and virtual events, but can also be used for receptions or as a multi-purpose room. The dining room and cellar are attached to a large porch overlooking the stunning scenery and is a perfect place to watch the sunset. 

Sweetgrass Ranch has superb shooting facilities including a beautiful Sporting Clays Course consisting of 10 stations with 50 Promatic target throwers, and a Five Stand with six throwers. Because of the diverse and varied terrain, and the large number of target throwers, virtually every conceivable target presentation challenges shooters of all ability levels.

The Farm provides an abundance of organically grown produce for Sweetgrass guests. Heirloom vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, squash, beans, potatoes, beets and dozens of other varieties are grown, harvested, and served fresh or preserved for later use. The garden is supplemented by a worm farm creating organic nutrients and compost that enhance the soil for healthy plants and produce. 

The Coop is home to our smaller livestock on the ranch. Egg laying chickens and ducks, roasters, and rabbits call the coop home and produce a wonderful variety of sustainable products for the ranch. 

The Rendezvous Event Center is comprised of a retail store, commercial kitchen, the rendezvous saloon with late 1800s era antique bar originally located in the Anaconda hotel in Montana, a three-season patio/breakfast room, outdoor patio with firepits overlooking the culinary garden. 

In search of the ultimate authentic western experience? Let’s venture back to a simpler time where tending to cast-iron skillets and Dutch ovens over crackling fires were the norm. Travel through the beautiful topography of NE Wyoming to an original (refurbished) chuckwagon from the early 1900’s in the vast backcountry pasture. Enjoy ice-cold refreshments while the meat slowly roasts over an open flame accompanied by fresh-picked vegetables from the garden. At Sweetgrass, we admire and honor the history of our unique ranch. So sit back, relax, and take in the serenity the vistas offer. Beware: a grand ol’ time will be had as stomachs will ache from laughter while stories are reminisced.  

Sweetgrass Ranch maintains a stable of intelligent, dependable and gentle trail horses that include both Western ranch Quarter Horses and Missouri Foxtrotter gaited horses. But make no mistake that these horses are not stable dwellers that take guests on the same "canned" trail ride two or three times per day all summer. These are working ranch horses that are used to "rawhide" cattle or move bison when needed. The Sweetgrass Ranch trail ride is the Old West come to life for those who saddle up!

The Apiary is home to thousands of honey bees that live in abundance off the ranch's diverse wildflowers. They pollinate the culinary garden, orchard and all the native grasses and flowering plants on the ranch. 

The Greenhouse is utilized for seed starting in the winter for the Summer garden due to the short growing season. It also houses citrus trees and tender plants that can't sustain the harsh winters and below freezing temperatures. 

The Sanctuary is the Sweetgrass Western version of a spa. Certainly, a place to relax and recharge after a day on the ranch. Nordic sauna, cold plunge, hot tub and two massage treatment rooms available to all visiting guests.

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